Hera Arms CPE Stock 1911

Hera Arms
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Hera Arms CPE- Stock system är drop in- alternativet till TRIAR II om man har en 1911a. Ej licenspliktig vapendel men kräver ett licenspliktigt vapen. Kolven är mycket enkelt att montera och ta av. 

OBS: Magsin och rödpunktsikte på bild ingår ej

The HERA-ARMS Colt Pistol Extension (CPE) is a simple to use pistol housing that allows users to place optical sights, lasers, flashlights and other weaver rail accessories on their weapon.

Assembly only requires the removal of the standard grip of the 1911 and is replaced with the CPE. For users that wish to change their standard pistol into a lightweight carbine an additional adapter is also available allowing the fitting of standard AR15/M16 buffer tubes and stocks.

The CPE has a ergonomic design which provides improved weapon comfort and handling.