Smith & Wesson 460 XVR

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Smith & Wesson 460 XVR är en mycket grov revolver! Men tack vare kompensatorn och den 21,3 cm långa pipan så har den en hanterbar rekyl även i de tyngsta laddningarna. Går att även ladda 45 Colt och blir då snäll som ett lamm. OBS! kompensatorn kan enkelt tas bort och sättas dit.

• Removable, Interchangeable Compensator

• The Highest Velocity Revolver in the World - 2330 FPS/200 Grain!

• The Most Powerful .45 Caliber Revolver In the World - 2400 lbs/ft!

• If You Zero its Sights at 200 Yards You Will Bag Your Buck with a Center Hold 0-250 Yards with No Hold Over! Just Center It and Fire. The 460XVR Will Do The Rest

• Gain Twist Rifled Barrel for Superb Accuracy

• Lighter Loads That The 460 Will Also Fire Include .45 Colt and .454 Casull

• Incredibly Low Perceived Recoil For All Loads

We all grew up hearing the phrase, "Faster than a speeding bullet...," but not when it is fired from Smith & Wesson's new Model 460XVR, with the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth. The Model 460XVR is so revolutionary that it required an entirely new designation...XVR, X-treme Velocity Revolver.

Starting with their Extra Large Frame, the Smith & Wesson engineers worked to deliver maximum velocity - over 2,300 feet per second - to reach the target faster than ever before. The 460XVR™ has interchangeable compensators to accommodate every load and its "gain-twist" rifled barrel means superb long-range accuracy (beyond 200 yards) with every shot! Only Smith & Wesson could deliver this much power, this much velocity and this much accuracy in a precision, production revolver.
  • Caliber:
    .460 S&W Magnum®

  • Capacity:
    5 Rounds

  • Barrel Length:
    8.38" / 21.3 cm

  • Front Sight:
    HI-VIZ® Interchangable

  • Rear Sight:
    Adjustable Black Blade

  • Grip:

  • Action:
    Single/Double Action

  • Frame:
    Extra Large

  • Frame Size:
    Extra Large - Exposed Hammer

  • Finish:
    Satin Stainless

  • Overall Length:
    15" / 38.1 cm

  • Material:
    Stainless Steel Frame
    Stainless Steel Cylinder

  • Weight Empty:
    72.5 oz / 2,055.4 g